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Kenneth J. Papucci

CFO of Bethlehem Industries, Inc.

Since 1946, Bethlehem Industries, Inc. has been a leader in the metalforming industry as a result of exceptional performance.

Together Kenneth Papucci and his team constantly strive to improve their business processes.

They believe that continuous improvement is the key to achieving our daily goal of 100% customer delight.

Kenneth J Papucci is the Owner and Chief Financial Officer of Bethlehem Industries, Inc.

Kenneth J. Papucci grew up in the Chicago suburb, Schiller Park. He attended Northern Illinois University, College of Business, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Following school, Papucci worked as a Certified Public Accountant at Coleman, Epstein, Berlin & Company. After two years, in May of 1997, Kenneth decided to leave Coleman, Epstein, Berlin & Company and instead work in the family business, Bethlehem Industries, Inc.

Bethlehem Industries, Inc. has been a part of the Papucci family for decades. In 1971, Kenneth J Papucci’s father started working at Bethlehem Industries, Inc. as a tool and die maker.  In 1997, the original owner of the company decided to sell the business to the Papucci family, which is what lead to Kenneth’s decision to leave public accounting. Together, Kenneth, his brothers Thomas and David, and their father, Norman, have worked tirelessly for over 2 decades to make Bethlem Industries, Inc. into the success that it is today.

Bethlehem is a precision metal stamping and sheet metal fabricator. Since 1946, they have focused on customer relationships, and appreciate the trust their customers have in them. Many of their customers have been with them for decades. As a current owner of the company, Kenneth J Papucci continues to lead with these same core values.

Throughout the course of his career, being able to work side by side with his brothers on a daily basis, has been beyond rewarding for Kenneth J Papucci. Also, finding success in such a tough and competitive industry has been truly gratifying. Kenneth Papucci, hopes to continue the 70+ years of success that Bethlehem Industries, Inc. has seen not just for his family, but for the customers and dedicated workers as well.