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Small businesses rely heavily on working successfully together, because at the core of any business you will find a team. Finding team members that fit in with your company culture can be a struggle at times, but can be extremely effective in driving success within your company. The small business team member wears multiple hats every single day, and finding those individuals that can embrace this variety is essential.  If you’re looking to start a team of your own, here are some important qualities to keep in mind.

Work together towards a common goal

The most successful teams are built up of individuals who are ready and willing to be a team player. This includes helping fellow team members, putting the company’s interests as a whole first, and boosting collaboration within the workplace. It’s important to look for employees who are able to communicate effectively, contribute, support each other, remain organized and focused, and offer a diverse background and perspective to your company culture.


At the core of every successful team is an inspiring leader. Leaders should always be focused on setting the example for the rest of the team in their communication, drive to succeed, and overall attitude. They should be concentrating on steering the company in the right direction, and provide their team members with the tools and knowledge to succeed. It’s also important that the leader knows the people working for them, and understand each individuals needs within the company.


Showing appreciation and recognition within the team goes a long way for morale. Working for a company that recognizes your hard work and success can inspire an individual to want to work even harder and see how far their success can take them. It also helps inspire other team members who may need a boost in productivity to want to achieve those same goals, or create some of their own. Recognize your employees’ hard work, and find ways to reward them.

Learning from past mistakes

It’s crucial within a company that each employee is ready and willing to take responsibility when they make a mistake, and it starts with the leader. It can be extremely detrimental to a company if their employees cannot own their mistakes. Be wary of employees who are ready and willing to pass blame onto someone else. It’s important to build a responsible culture within your company in order to grow and learn from mistakes, to ensure they are not repeated in the future.