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As technology grows and automation begins to work its way into positions that humans once held, many people are concerned about the future and what it holds for jobs that can eventually be done by either a robot or an algorithm. Although there is a growing concern about the loss of jobs, there is also huge optimism about what it would mean for machines to do the work that humans once did. This creates other opportunities for those to be reskilled and put in other positions that are more beneficial for people.

By the year 2025, it is projected that the 47% of workplace tasks will be performed by machines or algorithms, this may seem like a negative thing, but it is not. This gives 47% of people a chance to do what they actually love to do, whether it be going back to school, starting a business, or becoming an inventor. When machines take over positions, they are taking over the ones that are usually hard labor and should not be run or controlled by people anyway. Being reskilled will put you in a different position in your future, and give those entering into the workforce a new place to start and new goals to obtain.

Yes, the number is extremely high but it will have a positive impact on our production and selling of goods, and will also take out the existence of human error in jobs, especially ones that can afford little to no human error like building cars, planes and other objects that we use in our everyday life.

Businesses will expand their use of contracting to do task-oriented work, which is a positive for those who have skills that are not easily recognized by big corporations. Workers will have more flexible arrangements which can include pay increases and companies will have the ability to utilize remote staffing and hire throughout different locations to obtain the right person for the job.

These changes may seem far in the future, but they are not. The future is now, we no longer have to think what if machines learn to do our jobs, they have already learned and are ready to step in. It is your time to learn what you love and step out.